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For jaxsue - My brother's "ghost story"

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--- Quote from: FlyingBaconMouse on February 04, 2014, 12:11:40 PM ---
My former roommate's  cat, who wasn't overly fond of people, used to park himself right in front of the TV and watch intently every time someone had The Ghost and the Darkness on.

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Taking notes, no doubt.   >:D


--- Quote from: Elfmama on February 04, 2014, 01:32:12 PM ---
--- Quote from: TeamBhakta on February 04, 2014, 01:18:58 AM ---I had a creepy experience at Mom's house one time. When she writes down a note or counts, she'll also say it quietly under her breath. So I wasn't surprised when I heard, from the other side of a partitioned wall, her counting out loud and noting things she'd done for a particular task. I called out to ask how it was going, but there was no reply. I thought "Hah, she must be really deep in thought. I'll ask again." No answer a second time. I walked around the wall. No Mom there. And then I found out she'd been on the other side of the house taking a nap  :o

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Perhaps she was dreaming about doing the task?  And 'broadcasting' just enough for you to hear her?

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Or you were hearing an echo...kind of like a tape recording of her previously doing the task..

Went with a friend and her realtor to look at a property.  We walked in and the whole vibe felt off.  We all felt it. 

The oddest thing was when we went out on the back deck and took a look around the yard area.  We then went to the basement and walked out into the yard.  From the time it took us to walk down the steps to the basement and out the yard, we noticed that someone opened the door to the backyard. It was a small thing but we were all freaked out by it. 

Like I said, the whole place had an odd vibe to it. 

I also had a dream about the place last night.  lol.  It was a really weird experience.

Roe, I've mentioned Creepy Old Lady house more than once here.

It was a house I looked at before I bought Bedside Manor.  It had not been cleaned out since its previous occupant had died there.  The house smelled sickly sweet, there were pill bottles on almost every available surface, and no actual basement...just a trapdoor cellar.  Also there was a huge decorative bowl filled with keys in one room.

When we looked at the place, the power was off as the house had been empty for some time so the utilities had been cut off to discourage people from breaking in and squatting there. (no power, heat or water).  So all we had to explore the house with was some flashlights the listing agent had left.  In the end, it was my father (usually among the most prosaic of men) who said, "We should go, we shouldn't be in here."

I told my parents if I bought that place my power bill would be through the roof because I would NEVER turn off any lights.

I hear my husband when he is not here sometimes. It's kind of creepy. A couple of times I have actually answered before I realised he wasn't home


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