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So you could, like, totally beat me up!

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When I was in high school and college I was very involved in martial arts. In the course of getting to know new people, this would come up in conversation. I can't tell you how many times they would say some variant of, "so you could, like, totally beat me up" with a fascinated look. This always made me very uncomforatble because the schools I attended always emphasized that any use of our art should be defensive and that there is always someone bigger and badder out there, so we shouldn't get to caught up in ourselves. Apparently people wanted me to say, "yes, absolutely, I can reduce you to a quivvering blob in 15 seconds!" or something, which I just couldn't bring myself to do. Finally I stumbled on the "why would I want to do that line," which changed the direction of the conversation quite nicely.

So, like, you could totally beat me up?
You, of course! Hahahahhahahahah, that go over there, not so much.

MrsGood, as soon as I saw your thread title I knew exactly what you were going to say!  

I get this all the time, too.  I don't like it when people make light of something that I am very serious about.  When people say "You could kick my a**"  I generally just respond with "No, but I could keep you from kicking mine."  

In reality, I probably could, but this response is somewhat humble and allows me to focus on the self-defense aspects of what I do, which is the whole point for me.  

I've told people No - I can keep you from hurting me or someone else.

It could be worse - they could try to make you fight them.

One school I worked at had a 6th grade girl that was a black belt. They had a program were different people with different hobbies came to the school and shared. Her instructor came out to the school and his students including her demonstrated.

Well this one boy decided to "take her on" and prove she "wasn't so hot". She deflected several attempts to provoke her into a fight. Then one day their class was at the bathrooms. A ruckus broke out in the boys bathroom and the teacher was handling it. I was subbing in a 3rd grade classrooms right next to were the kids lined up after leaving the bathroom.

I heard the boy taunt her and say what would you do I grabbed your (part of body). I ran toward the classroom door to stop him - when he came flying down the hallway. She really sent him flying.

So they both are sent to the principal. Her father is called - and asked if he wants to press charges against the boy. His parents had a fit because she wasn't punished, while their son was suspended. The principal called the cops and it was explained they were real lucky that their son wasn't facing an assault charge or worse.  He stopped hassling the girls.

I use dto get this all the time. I first started training back in 1986, and up until tearing my ankle to shreds last year was training and teaching on a regular basis. I even had a friend who when we went out would say to guys "Stop annoying me, my friend is a black belt and will beat the poopadities out of you" (pointing at me).

Needless to say, now that I thinkk of it, this is the same friend who was a nightmare as my MOH and I have now ceased contact with (ok, hindsight is 20:20).


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