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Hysterical Baby Shower Video


OK, anyone who needs a good giggle should go to this link and watch the video

Keep in mind that it's an advertisement for Enfamil baby formula, and is undoubtedly staged, but it's also a very good staging of a bad baby shower. There are some links at the end to what Enfamil considers to be "good ideas" for any showers you might be planning- I haven't looked at them, so I don't know if they're good ideas or just what marketing agents think are good ideas.

Enjoy, and don't be drinking anything when they bring out the cake!

Oh my gawd! That was absolutely hilarious!  The mom2be was absolutely gracious in the face of such tackiness!

I loved the matching set of onesies. And the cake with the ultrasound picture on it.

I liked the spiked baby's helmet. That was pretty awesome! Saftey first when your little one is on their motorcycle!!  ;)

Bob Ducca:

(Rolling on the floor laughing my butt off at the idea of a cake with...)



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