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E-Hell Helps Me Grow a Spine! Thank You!

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Dear E-Hellions,

I recieved the following e-mail from an aquaintance the other day concerning an event that I have participated in in the past:

--- Quote ---Hi Dolly:

I am just confirming that you can speak at the [event] on 3/2/2008 Sunday.  We start at 2pm but wonít be back from the [pre-event] till 3:30 pm or so. 

The format will be the same as last year.  I hope you can join us because your information always adds extra interest to the event.
--- End quote ---

WHAT???  This the first I've heard about speaking at an event only a week away!!!

Now in my pre-E-Hell days I would have dropped everything, changed my plans and scurried around to get a talk together for the event.  Instead this is the e-mail I sent in return.

--- Quote ---Hi Event Planner,

            Seeing as how this is the first Iíve heard of the event for this year, it will not be possible for me to give the presentation for the group.


Sorry I canít be of help,  Dolly
--- End quote ---
Thanks to all who post here for giving me the backbone and correct response to such a request!

 :-* :-*


Good work. Any response yet?

Good job! *claps*

You did great! Did you get a response yet?

She did reply:

--- Quote ---Sorry Dolly, I thought I had sent you an e-mail before Xmas but that was during a computer conversion here at my office so it is possible I forgot.  My apologies.

--- End quote ---

It sounds like a legitimate mix-up so it looks like all is well.  But I do get off the hook and don't have to scramble around to put together a presentation.


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