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I used it with HR


I received an email asking me to meet with them for an audit of my position and some of the new positions recently created that interact with mine - but the meeting is on my day off, which is also payday, and at a time that would have me driving in rush hour traffic there and back. I don't want to do this at that time or on that day. Even though my lead manager "suggested" me as a person to help with this audit, it is by no means mandatory that I do so.

My emailed response was that, while I am happy to participate in the audit, the date/time they've chosen is impossible for me to accommodate, and offering a choice of 5 workdays with a time period before my shifts start, or on a sixth day after a meeting I had planned to attend with our group. If they reschedule for one of those dates and times, great. Any further attempts to have me in on a day off or during rush hour driving time will be met with "the line" and a reiteration of the dates/times I am available.

Thanks, E-Hellions!

That was a great response!


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