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Is this the polite equivalent of "None of your beeswax!"?

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I ask because a rather nosey woman in my office only just found out about my breakup of over 6 weeks ago, and she's apparently bugging everyone she can think of for the details. So far, people seem to be blowing her off, but it's only a matter of time before I run into her, and she asks me directly.

EvilTrillias wants to burst into tears and question why she would bring up such a painful and personal subject.

NiceTrillias wants to come up with an answer that makes it clear she's NOT entitled to any information whatsoever.

That's exactly what it is, although this phrase is more directed at unsolicited advice.  For your situation, something like "that's a very personal question, I prefer not to answer it" would be right.

My suggestion would be very similar to artk2002 "That is a very personal and painful question that I won't be answering".

"We broke up because it's easier than getting bloodstains out of carpet."

Then walk away nonchalantly.

*stuffs EvilCG back into her brain*

"Why do you need to know?"


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