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Good business?


Just Lori:
Some years ago, our overhead garage door opener broke.  We picked a name randomly out of the phone book and an older gentleman came out to look at the opener.  He told us that my husband could easily fix the opener himself and even told us what part to get.  When my husband had difficulty completing the fix, the garage door guy came back and finished the job.  THEN HE REFUSED TO TAKE ANY OF OUR MONEY.  Just give him a good referral, he said.

Suffice to say, we've recommended him countless times.  He's fixed several doors for our friends and family members.  Just today, a neighbor called because his own overhead door company couldn't fix his door until next Thursday, and he remembered what we said about our guy.  They neighbor called our guy, and they're coming out tomorrow.

Some people really know how to run a business, don't they?


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