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Today, on campus, there were some people giving out hot chocolate.  No signs, and when I asked why they were doing it, they said "just because".  It was really nice to see, and it was really nice to have some hot chocolate before doing my nice take home midterm.  Yay college students with free hot chocolate!

I wish we would get some people like that on my campus. Walking from building to building in this crap SUCKS. I did however had one young man (around 19) open the door for me and tell me to have a good day "mam".

My freshman year of college, the first day of finals it snowed.  I came back from taking a final and found that the dorm staff had set up a station in the lounge with hot chocolate, bread, butter and a toaster. I asked the head custodian about it and he said he and the "girls" wanted to do something for all us "kids" because it was the first day of finals and so nasty out. It was the warmest coziest moment I have from that first semester and just the nicest thing for them to have done. 

Hot chocolate is such a wonderful gift, isn't it?

When my son was about 3, we were visiting Vancouver and he managed to fall into a very shallow part of English Bay. In February. We had extra clothes in the car, but it was about a five minute walk to the car, and he howled with indignation the entire time. While we were attempting to get the kid into dry clothes, a woman who had been having breakfast in a hotel restaurant had watched our ridiculous ordeal and bought a cup of hot chocolate for my son. He was wholly unappreciative, but I have never forgotten her kindness (or that of the hotel management who didn't fuss about her taking one of their fancy cups outside; we returned it, of course).


Hot cocoa rocks, just ask my son ;)
We always have the stuff on hand when we're camping in the summer time.  We always have one cold, rainy day and I'll heat hot water in the coffee maker and hook up the poor wet kids, they've called me the "hot cocoa Mom" for a couple years now.


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