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Thanks for towin my friend out of the snowbank!


Thanks goes out to the guy in the jeep who towed my friend out of her precarious perch in a bad snowbank parking spot!

She got stuck yesterday and couldn't get herself out - she's from LA and not used to the snow.  We went out to lunch today and stopped by her car on the way to sprinkle some salt and went back after we ate to try and dig the car out of the ice packed snow.  We had no sooner started than this guy pulled up and asked if we needed a tow!  He hooked it up, the guy with us directed traffic and he just pulled her out in about 10 seconds.  It probably would have taked about an hour for us to get her out on our own! 

And in a total nice people coming out of the woodwork event, just as we got her car hooked up, another person with a 4 wheel drive truck asked if we needed a tow!

I guess random acts of kindess week really caught on!!

I live in the Denver area and we have had a . . . very odd season for snow

My BF got stuck and a young guy (about 18) can and pulled him out - Apperantly he had been driving around for the past two days just towing anyone out that he stuck, he had nothing else to do really, and he had made like $300.00 just form people who offered to tip. he was not asking, just some people wanted to compensate him for his help. and yes my BF did did. 

My friend wanted to tip him, or at the very least ask his name, but he drove off just as fast as he appeared!  He was like the tow fairy! ;D

My husband never accepts a tip, but definitely judges them on whether or not they offer one. 

My mother always taught me always have enough money on you when driving that you can honourably reward people for extricating your car from a difficult position.


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