• May 25, 2018, 12:36:07 AM

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Author Topic: Stranger sits next to crying children on plane. Guess what happens next?  (Read 628 times)

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My allergies must be kicking up...
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When I was still going back to the US regularly, I would be on 12+ hour flights (Osaka-Detroit, later Narita-Atlanta as the routes changed) and there were always one or two crying babies with tired parents. I would buy small, safe stuffed animals at the airport and give them to stressed-out kids when they couldn't be settled down by their moms and dads (with parental permission). Back then they let us walk around more, without barking at us, so many times I'd hold a child while standing next to the parents' row to give them a break. It's not hard, and if you've ever been in their shoes you know what they're feeling, you want to help. The people who yell and get bent out of shape when a kid cries as if they're doing it on purpose to annoy them, I just don't get it. And i wasn't alone! Lots of people did the same thing. What happened in the last 10 years or so?