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Author Topic: I just used it at work  (Read 2448 times)

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I just used it at work
« on: April 07, 2008, 08:19:08 AM »
here's the scenario.

man from my old department (same floor came to my new office to use the shredder for one document) we're in a shared office so the shredder doesn't "belong" to boss, but to other people, whom Old Colleague was asking.

as she was shredding/conversing Boss says haf to herself, half to people around. "I've come to the conclusion that Old Manager is a stingy person".  ( ::) )I then piped up with "that's an interesting assumption, Boss" she said she couldn't beleive a time like theirs (IT support) woudlnt' have a shredder. I relplied about the size of the room, that 7 seven people share as well as the point that beign an IT department we would't shuffle that much paper around, let alone the type that had so be disposed of with a shredder.

I didn't think I would use this line on someone managing me but she seems to like to make PA comments about my old department and then say things like "oh, I better not say things about gadget--gal's old team" with a false laugh. when I'm right there, sitting opposite her. sometimes I'm not sure whether to comment, or keep my mouth shut.

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