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What is the worst tasting food you've ever been served at a dinner party?

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Chocolate Cake:
Years ago, my husband and I were invited to dinner by a newly married couple who were about 10 years younger than us.   She had cooked the dinner.   It was some kind of dish with cheese and tortillas.  Most of the tortilla had been overcooked and was hard and dark brown and she hadn't put enough filling inside (maybe 2 teaspoons worth in each).  She only made two per person and they were very small to begin with.  I think there was one very small side dish of refried beans.   We were so hungry when we left there that we had to stop by a McDonalds.  I'll give her an "A" for effort but an "F" for execution.

What is the worst dinner (food wise), you've ever had?

To this day, I do not know exactly what it was, but I can describe it to the best of my abilities:
Three years ago, right after finding out I was pregnant with MiddleSon, Hubby and I were asked to a dinner party. We accepted, but made sure the hostess knew I had horrible morning sickness, and anything more than fruits and vegetables really wasn't sitting well with me. She said she understood, and would understand if I only tried a few bites of things I felt were 'safe'.
Before going, I bought a small veggie tray to bring with, and I am sooo glad I did, as were the other three couples. Hostess made, well,,colorful mush served over potatoes. She claims it was a lentil and meat dish, but we were never able to discern what type of meat was an odd grey when cooked, the lentils were purple, because she added beet juice to the water...not beets mind you, just juice, and freezer burned vegetables. No seasonings aside from the beet juice. It was like eating purple school paste.
On the plus side, she had made an excelent chocolate flourless cake for desert!

I like interesting food.  I also don't appreciate most Western food - it's way way too bland. 

Well DH and I were invited over for supper at the house of another young couple at our church.  They knew we liked 'interesting' (their word) food and she really did try.  She decided to be brave and make a chili.  It ended up being ground beef, red kidney beans and maybe 1 teaspoon of chilipowder added to a tomatoe sauce.  She had really tried to make something she though I would enjoy.  But it was so bland.  I did eat it and really enjoyed spending the evening with them.

When I was in Norway visiting family we were served some awefull things.  One meal were horrifically fatty pork chops.  Now when I eat fatty meat I have to concentrate with all my being to not gag or vomit.  But I choked one of these things down - being polite and all.  Then the woman ploped another on my plate urging me to "Eat eat - you are soooooo skinny".  Now I was about 20 pounds overweight - but I guess she felt I could use some more meat on my bones.  This meat was acoompanied by tasteless steamed veggies cooked to almost a mush.  And to drink was coffee made the rural Norwegian way - boil water in a kettle, throw in some grounds and boil...  Pour into a mug through a strainer and then add more water and grounds to the pot. 

Not a meal, but I used to work for the administration at the local fairgrounds.  While I was there, I became friends with an elderly couple who ran the 4 H building.

Anyways, Mr. 4 H offered me some iced tea.  I politely declined, saying I didn't like iced tea.  He said his was different, it was good.

So I tried it.

It tasted like any other iced tea.  I'm sure it was good iced tea.

I just don't like iced tea.

First post...

all I have to say are "cheese grits".   I am sure to get flamed for this but my friend was going on and on about how good they were. Yuck.


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