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The Amway "housewarming" party (FauxPasofYear1114-06)

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Evil Duckie:
We have ensnared into some Amway meetings.

This has actually ended a couple of friendships because of this tacit. Afterwards we will tell then that we felt they lied to us about the visit and depending on how they respond we might end most of or our contact.

One couple had been a friend for years. After this stunt we told him that we didn't appreciated it and felt he lied to us. His response was that how else would we hear about this wonderful opportunity and join it.  He kept trying to get us to join so he could make more.

I've never actually been to a meeting or cornered by anyone about Amway.  But, when I was much, much younger I babysat a few times for couple who I discovered were Amway distributors.  They had left some brochures and literature on the coffee table, so I didn't feel that I was snooping when I read them - in fact, I felt that perhaps they wanted me to see them. 

One paper (which perhaps they didn't really mean to leave out) outlined how to set up such a meeting.  It didn't say specifically to lie to your friends, but it did out & out say to not tell them it was about Amway.

I've always been curious.  If Amway is such a good business opportunity and you are proud to be associated with them, why would you even want to lie to your friends and family? 

I actually "sold" AMWAY for a couple years, but I made it VERY clear to my friends that I was selling it so that I could buy the products at a slight discount.  If my friends truly wanted the products, and wanted to order from me, fine, but no one was pressured, and I didn't want anyone to feel obligated to buy  from me.   I didn't get into the whole up-line thing or any of the nonsense,  I simply liked the products and wanted to use them. 

Lately I have thought about selling Pampered Chef simply because I love the products.... but I don't want to be a pushy salesperson or have my friends run and hide in fear I may ask them to host a party.

That party?  RUDE and TACKY!

Yes, I about died when I read that story. DH and I would have been out of there too. Good for them for snagging their wine back!  >:D

When I was younger I was approached by an Amway distributor, but of course he didn't say that until I asked for an application.  For a week he'd come into the shop telling me I was working too hard, and that he had a great job opportunity for me, and did I want to come and talk to him about it? Since he was reluctant to say what the great business opportunity was, I thought that he was trying (in his polite, grandfatherly way) to ask me out until I said I'd take an application and see where it went.

Since I'd already been involved in a MLM that didn't pan out, I knew I wasn't cut out for that kind of thing and politely declined.  Mr. Pushy continued to drop by every other day until the owner caught him chatting up other customers.

Since then my MIL got into another MLM, and that has resulted in her destroying a 36 year marriage, losing a lot of her friends and some family because she won't stop selling.

I've looked up the sites mentioned, and now when people approach me with a "plan" I politely decline, and if they persist, I will unleash a barrage of questions the Agent is usually unwilling or unable to answer.


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