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Author Topic: The Amway "housewarming" party (FauxPasofYear1114-06)  (Read 240392 times)

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The Amway "housewarming" party (FauxPasofYear1114-06)
« on: February 22, 2007, 11:15:27 PM »

(Ehelldame's comments are in red.)

Two  friends of ours, a lovely couple named 'Casey' and 'Mindy', were invited to a housewarming party by a friend of Casey's from work. In fact everyone at the workplace was invited, via a large Invite and map on the breakroom wall. Casey and Mindy were new to the area, recent newlyweds, and decided to go to meet some new friends. They were told dinner would be a buffet and mostly just "the grand tour" of the host's new abode, and chit chat over cocktails.   Casey and Mindy arrived, bringing with them a nice bottle of Bordeaux from a local vineyard, and told by the smiling hostess as she took their coats that every one was congregating in the living room, and once everyone was there, they would "get started". Alrighty then!

Casey left the wine on the gift table, and he and Mindy seated themselves on some folding chairs (2 of about 30) in the front room. There was a man at the front of the room that Casey did not recognize, in a shirt and tie, setting up a DVD player to a large TV
 facing the "audience". They chatted with the people around them, and soon found out no one else had any idea what was going on...was this some type of "how we found and bought our new home" show?   Were the hosts planning on everyone watching a movie? More and more people filed in, and finally the lights dimmed as Howard (the host and Casey's co-worker) said,   "As you may have guessed, we have owned this home for over 3 years now, and while we never had a housewarming, The REAL reason we have brought you all here together is to tell you about a super business opportunity that my wife and I have recently discovered, called AMWAY."   

Looking immensely pleased with himself, he then introduced his manager, "BOB" who was way up on the Amway ladder and could let these people all follow him down the road to riches beyond imagining. Someone asked if they could have the housewarming part first, as they were not interested in the Amway. "Bob" spoke to all assembled as if they were slightly dense 3 year olds, and promised, no more than 1 HOUR of Amway, and they you will be allowed to make your way over to the buffet.   

My friend Casey and his wife stood instantly and asked for their coats. Several other guests did the same.   On their way out the door, they picked up their bottle of "housewarming wine" and went home and drank it themselves, laughing all the time.   To this day, "Bob" has never apologized for bringing people into his home on false pretenses, but has let it be known how rude his co- workers are, especially since corporate has told him he cannot advertise for any Amway related business on company property. I know Casey and Mindy's actions were probably rude as well. But I can't help but giggle every time I picture him snagging his bottle of wine off the gift table on the way out!   


When I was 22, I was very briefly snagged into Amway and actually participated in getting a co-member of a health club I worked at to come hear an Amway presentation under false pretenses.  She thought she was coming to hear about tax help for her portfolio.  Where ever you are, please forgive me.  My innards were just crawling in disgust over what I was doing.   

My own comment: This story literally made my jaw drop. 


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Re: The Amway "housewarming" party (FauxPasofYear1114-06)
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2007, 12:19:49 AM »
Ouch. A coworker pulled this stunt on DH and me before we got married, only he came to our home. He got the boot pretty quickly, and I never saw him the same way again. Too bad, I had thought he was a nice guy.

Now my brother's my upline in Quixtar. He's put 20 people under me but I can't really make money unless I start a second line of people. Not gonna happen. I have two friends in this state and I intend to keep them that way. They offer a few products I like and can't get anywhere else--like an energy drink that actually tastes good!--and that's my full intent with the company.

Besides, my brother could sell space heaters in the tropics. I could never be a "rah rah" type or sell anything someone wasn't asking to buy from me.


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Re: The Amway "housewarming" party (FauxPasofYear1114-06)
« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2007, 04:14:39 AM »
Many years ago, my husband and I were subjected to a similar meeting. The guy gave us this schpiel about getting rich by selling these products. He told us he drove a Mercedes and lived in a big house all by selling this stuff and getting other people to sell for him.

He proceeded to go around the room to ask us what our "dream" was. The poor sch#### never knew what hit him. People said things like "finishing law school", "run a marathon"... you get the picture.

It came around to my husband's turn, and my very smart husband says "living to a ripe old age in good health". I picked on his cue and said "being well read and well educated". We got a thumbs up from a few people across the room. Some were laughing. The guy was clearly annoyed telling us we need money for both of those things. Yes, you need some, but not a fortune.

I was talking to a friend who taking a business degree in university and she informed me that you can work 40-50 hours a week on these schemes and earn only $7K to $10K if you are lucky. You are better off working part time at WalMart and you won't have to annoy your friends.


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Re: The Amway "housewarming" party (FauxPasofYear1114-06)
« Reply #3 on: February 23, 2007, 09:45:48 AM »
Quixtar and Britt Marketing were begun by the same guy who started Amway. BEWARE.

The key is that there is ANOTHER business in these MLMs....the business of selling the tapes, videos, and holding the seminars. The people in the downlines do NOT make money.

My parents got sucked into that poop for awhile. They were pressed to hoodwink friends and told directly not to tell them why they were invited, or they wouldn't come. "They won't be offended because they are your friends" when they find out otherwise. "Hey, your friends don't yell at you, do they?"

No reputable business will work as an MLM. Period.

Bob Ducca

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Re: The Amway "housewarming" party (FauxPasofYear1114-06)
« Reply #4 on: February 23, 2007, 09:56:56 AM »
This happened to us as well- DH's best friend, whom he had known for years, ensnared us into an Amway meeting.  He and DH were estranged for a little while over it- it was kind of a "last-straw" sort of situation.

According to our pitchman, it was our dream to own a "motorcoach."  To this day, DH snickers when he hears the term.

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Re: The Amway "housewarming" party (FauxPasofYear1114-06)
« Reply #5 on: February 23, 2007, 10:17:26 AM »
We have ensnared into some Amway meetings.

This has actually ended a couple of friendships because of this tacit. Afterwards we will tell then that we felt they lied to us about the visit and depending on how they respond we might end most of or our contact.

One couple had been a friend for years. After this stunt we told him that we didn't appreciated it and felt he lied to us. His response was that how else would we hear about this wonderful opportunity and join it.  He kept trying to get us to join so he could make more.


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Re: The Amway "housewarming" party (FauxPasofYear1114-06)
« Reply #6 on: February 23, 2007, 10:33:00 AM »
I've never actually been to a meeting or cornered by anyone about Amway.  But, when I was much, much younger I babysat a few times for couple who I discovered were Amway distributors.  They had left some brochures and literature on the coffee table, so I didn't feel that I was snooping when I read them - in fact, I felt that perhaps they wanted me to see them. 

One paper (which perhaps they didn't really mean to leave out) outlined how to set up such a meeting.  It didn't say specifically to lie to your friends, but it did out & out say to not tell them it was about Amway.

I've always been curious.  If Amway is such a good business opportunity and you are proud to be associated with them, why would you even want to lie to your friends and family? 


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Re: The Amway "housewarming" party (FauxPasofYear1114-06)
« Reply #7 on: February 23, 2007, 10:51:22 AM »
I actually "sold" AMWAY for a couple years, but I made it VERY clear to my friends that I was selling it so that I could buy the products at a slight discount.  If my friends truly wanted the products, and wanted to order from me, fine, but no one was pressured, and I didn't want anyone to feel obligated to buy  from me.   I didn't get into the whole up-line thing or any of the nonsense,  I simply liked the products and wanted to use them. 

Lately I have thought about selling Pampered Chef simply because I love the products.... but I don't want to be a pushy salesperson or have my friends run and hide in fear I may ask them to host a party.

That party?  RUDE and TACKY!


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Re: The Amway "housewarming" party (FauxPasofYear1114-06)
« Reply #8 on: February 23, 2007, 03:25:32 PM »
Yes, I about died when I read that story. DH and I would have been out of there too. Good for them for snagging their wine back!  >:D


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Re: The Amway "housewarming" party (FauxPasofYear1114-06)
« Reply #9 on: February 23, 2007, 05:25:29 PM »
When I was younger I was approached by an Amway distributor, but of course he didn't say that until I asked for an application.  For a week he'd come into the shop telling me I was working too hard, and that he had a great job opportunity for me, and did I want to come and talk to him about it? Since he was reluctant to say what the great business opportunity was, I thought that he was trying (in his polite, grandfatherly way) to ask me out until I said I'd take an application and see where it went.

Since I'd already been involved in a MLM that didn't pan out, I knew I wasn't cut out for that kind of thing and politely declined.  Mr. Pushy continued to drop by every other day until the owner caught him chatting up other customers.

Since then my MIL got into another MLM, and that has resulted in her destroying a 36 year marriage, losing a lot of her friends and some family because she won't stop selling.

I've looked up the sites mentioned, and now when people approach me with a "plan" I politely decline, and if they persist, I will unleash a barrage of questions the Agent is usually unwilling or unable to answer.


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Re: The Amway "housewarming" party (FauxPasofYear1114-06)
« Reply #10 on: February 24, 2007, 12:34:36 AM »
Hi E-Hellers!

 The Amway-Housewarming story was mine. I just noticed it made faux pas of the year and called my friends who were actually there to come on line and have a peek.
 I tried to do it justice. but to hear my friend 'Casey' tell it (BTW, His real name? K.C., LOL must have been not feeling too imaginative that day! ) You would die laughing.

 My DH and I also had an Amway story, we had a young couple move into an apartment across from us years ago and one day they asked if they could come over that night to talk to us about 'something', We we're more than hi-and-bye in the parking lot aquainted, so DH and I could not think why they wanted to 'speak to us' and we went over the possibilitys up to and including DH suggesting they might be swingers, EW lol or we were too loud getting our paper in the mornings, well it was Amway and they brought their own version of 'Bob'. It took us 3 hours to politely decline and shoo them away with out being too rude. Athough they had invited themselves and we probably didnt owe them much more than a swift boot in the bottom, LOL.

Having so much fun reading all the new updates, Hope all of you are as well.
Your Friend,
Fabby  8)


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Re: The Amway "housewarming" party (FauxPasofYear1114-06)
« Reply #11 on: February 24, 2007, 12:41:13 AM »
I don't like MLMs.  Most of the time it is family that gets you in to it.  For some reason, even though I knew it was an MLM and to an extent a scam, my DH and I joined one.  His grandparents wanted us to join because half of the family was getting in and they told them you needed to "Hold your place in line", so we did it.  I never really expect to see any money from it (we spend $170 and we got a whole $4 check last month), but it is hard to say no when DH wanted to and his grandparents wanted him to.  He sees what it is now, but when we joined they said you could make millions without even selling anything, but after reading the info, DH knows taht is a lie.


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Re: The Amway "housewarming" party (FauxPasofYear1114-06)
« Reply #12 on: February 24, 2007, 12:50:22 AM »
LOL Hubby just reminded me of our once sitting in a coffee shop in the bay area, there were about 20-40 people in this place, which did poetry readings and other such things.

A small group of people with acoustic guitars and things took the stage, and we were waiting for something like maybe bluegrass or celtic music, The man leans into the mic, looks all around the room, and says 'The REAL reason we're all here tonight is to learn about the wonderful world of Amway'

For a second you could have heard a pin drop, then the whole room cracked up. Thank goodness he was joking, after reading some of these stories, it might have been true lol.

Hugs, Fabby  :)


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Re: The Amway "housewarming" party (FauxPasofYear1114-06)
« Reply #13 on: February 24, 2007, 12:59:56 AM »
'Casey' and 'Mindy' just emailed me, they loved seeing their story on the website and said to tell everyone the wine was excellent, LOL

~Fab :D


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Re: The Amway "housewarming" party (FauxPasofYear1114-06)
« Reply #14 on: February 24, 2007, 01:06:06 AM »
My very first grown-up dinner party was ruined by Amway.  I had become friends with this couple at work.  They mentioned Amway when I was at their house once after shopping with her.  I blew it off, and didn't say much beyond 'not interested'.  I invited them over for a nice dinner and cards afterward.  I made this dish called Piedmontese something-or-other, it was a hunk of meat cooked in wine, tomatoes and other stuff for like 10 hours.  It was really wonderful.  Somewhere in between their acceptance of my invitation, and the dinner he dropped by my place unannounced with a Bob.  I got them out in about a half hour.  The day of the party, she called me AFTER they would have had to leave to say that 'their son was sick'  Yah, right, you just now realized that.  The following Monday at work, she mentioned that Amway teaches "that friends who aren't willing to help you make money, aren't your friends."

The good news is that my parents live 45 minutes away, and hadn't eaten yet.  Dad said he has never seen mom move as fast as that night