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Mushroom Soup

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I've fallen in love with mushroom soup. Mushrooms and spices in general, really...but i have no idea how to make a mushroom soup from fresh mushrooms that isn't too watery or too overcooked or too oily or too tomato based. There has got to be something i'm missing.

Chop one large onion. Melt two ounces of butter (or heat 2 ounces oilve oil, or a combination) in a large pan. Sweat the onions until transparent -- do not let them brown. If you don't mind garlic, add one clove, crushed.

Add 1 1/2pounds of mushrooms, sliced. Kind of stir those around for a bit over medium heat, until they are soft.

Add about 1 litre of stock -- vegetable or chicken usually. (I use good stock cubes.)

Season with herbs (oregano, parsley, etc.), fresh if possible, and a few good grinds of coarse black pepper.

Simmer for 20 minutes or so.

Let cool. Use a blender to puree the soup -- leaving about 1 cup unblended if you like a bit of chunkiness in the finished product.

To serve, reheat to just below boiling. Ladle into bowls. Decorate with a swirl of fresh cream (if you like that sort of thing), a slice of raw mushroom, and a sprinkling of chopped herbs.


Thank you! Hopefully i will get a chance to try it out this weekend - i say try because i am a notoriously bad cook, but i am trying. I'll let you know how it turns out.

YUMMMM!  Thanks for the recipe!

I almost forgot to update! I actually tried it & it's edible! Yes, the exclamation points belong there - i am NOT a good cook. I definitely need to add some more spices - i usually go overboard & am not really ever sure what to use, but it worked! Eureka! There is still one bowlfull left in my freezer that i am holding off eating.

Thank you veryfluffy!

modified to clarify - not that i had doubts in your recipe, only in my abilities. I have NEVER had mushroom soup come out right before.


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