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Should guests at least offer to help with dishes and clean-up?

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This has been talked about on some threads in this forum already, but I was interested in seeing what the general opinion is in a poll format. The situation I am thinking of concerning this question would be a more formal event, such as a holiday dinner. I hope I covered enough bases with the questions choice, but I really couldn't think of any other options to add after much pondering.

I think you need some more choices.

For example, if a close friend is hosting, guests might offer to help out.

Sometimes even at a large event, if there are no wait staffers, guests might offer to help out.

I'd say for most situations (excluding those with a wait staff) its always OK to offer, no harm there.

Okay, since I can't seem to edit poll choices, let's add close friend along with family member hosting for the second choice. As for event, I am talking about strictly in-home situations.

I think in all situations it's at least polite for the guest to offer to help clean up. That being said, if we were having friends over for a dinner, I wouldn't get upset if they didn't offer b/c I wouldn't excpet them to help anyways, but an offer of help is always appreciated.

With family, again an offer to help is polite. If I'm hosting any of our siblings, I'd probably be ok with them helping though I would probably try to shoo them away. If any of our parents were over, I wouldn't allow them to help. It just wouldn't feel right.

It's just all so situational. Big family/holiday meals I think everyone should help. Small dinners, I usually do the cleanup myself. In my opinion, they're my guests and I want them to enjoy themselves.


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