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Dinner with clients at Bosses house

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Coming out of lurking twice in one
Here is my dilema. One of my out of town clients will be here next week. My boss and his wife have socialized with this client in the past, out in restaurants and at boss' house. I am fairly new to the company. My boss has invited me and the client to dinner at his house. Now for the question, do I offer to help (clear the table etc) like I normally would at a wholly social occasion.

I'd say there is nothing wrong in offering to help. If they want you to help, they will appreciate it and take you up on it, and if they don't want you to help, they will still appreciate it but tell you to just sit back and enjoy your coffee or whatever.

Take the lead of the boss and the clients.   If they don't help clear, then you don't help clear.  It'll put you in a position of weakness to suddenly be doing "women's work".

Which, yes, competely sucks, but you'll lose status.

Chocolate Cake:
ITA!   If the boss/client don't help, you sit tight too.

I agree, too.

By offering to help, you are signaling that you are in a subordinate position.  That does happen to be the case with the boss, but not with the client.

Also, I think it crosses a line between professional and private that is already fuzzy by socializing with the boss.


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