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Garter creepiness (PlainTacky0415-04)

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Sara Crewe:
Why do I have a feeling that it was the pervert father who came up with this tradition?

Yeuch. :-X

I think my father would have fainted if I asked him to touch my leg on my wedding day.  We didn't do the garter toss at all (DH thought that the tradition was gross) and my dad was thrilled.  All of our friends have followed our footsteps and eliminated this tradition from their weddings as well.


--- Quote from: housewife2k on May 02, 2008, 01:54:39 PM ---I have never, never heard of the father putting onthe garter! That just...eewwwwwweeeeewwwweeeewww.

I am sorry, but there are somehings afather just shouldn ot do, and putting a garter on his daughter is on that list.

--- End quote ---

Huge POD on that.

It's OK for a daddy to help his girl get dressed when she's a toddler but once she starts running into the tween age that's just plain wrong.  (Unless she has some sort of disability that keeps her from dressing herself.)

Having him put anything on her in public is twice as gross.

My dad was not a pervert and I'd still be grossed out by him putting on a garter!

Put me down as another one who never heard of this 'tradition' and finds it creepy to say the least.  I couldn't imagine doing that.

I'm not a fan of taking the garter off at the reception either.

Gyro Widget:
The whole garter thing is in poor taste IMHO - the public symbol showing the womans "loss of virginity".  I am by no means a prude, however the whole "tradition" is just sooo uncomfortable to watch.  I put the word tradition in quotes, because I highly doubt that this was EVER done in generations before. 

But involving one's father into the fiasco just takes the cake.  Its just so... sick. 


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