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Garter creepiness (PlainTacky0415-04)

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--- Quote from: magician5 on March 01, 2013, 09:12:22 PM ---Getting right back to the basics of the "bloody sheets" concept is the modern idea (I hope it's soon to be forgotten) of the "purity pledge / ring".

So, is the fiancee supposed to go to the father and say "I'd like to marry your daughter so that I can soil her"? Gack!

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From what I've heard, that's not TOO far from actuality.

I uh.... I caught the bouquet at my cousins wedding a couple of years ago. Ick. To be fair, the young man who caught the garter was very gentlemanly about the whole thing when he saw how nervous I was, and finally he placed my hand on it and made me pull it up the rest of the way.

But still. Ick. If i ever have a wedding I will not be having this tradition!


--- Quote from: dixieangel on February 28, 2013, 10:51:53 AM ---I know this thread is from years ago but it appeared when I searched for "father placing garter on bride". After reading all the comments on it, I just had to tell about another inappropriate event I have observed. After a recent wedding I attended, the mother of the bride posted a picture on Facebook of the STEP-Father placing the garters under the bride's gown. WHAT?!?!?! That is PERVERTED!!! At the reception, the father of the bride didn't want to see the groom was removing the garter. When a mutual friend of ours asked him about the picture, he said he would never think that was a father's responsibility, much less a step-father's. That either the bride herself, her attendants or her mother should help her with that. And to top it off, people have "liked" it on Facebook. The whole thing is just disgusting.

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My grandfather attatched my cousin's garter-belt before her wedding. (As in, did up the little tabs to the top of her thigh-highs.) Yeah, it was kinda weird, but not perverted. She'd put her dress on and assumed from when she bought the dress that she'd be able to get under it and attached the stockings. (Attatching it all before putting on the dress wasn't an option for some reason, don't remember why.) She forgot that when she tried on the dress she wasn't wearing the big foofy underskirt that made finding her underparts impossible. (We had to help her go to the toilet. AWKWARD!) So my aunt and I were both trying to work the garter clips, but due to the fact that neither of us had ever worn this type of stockings we were not real sucessful, and my cousin was having. a. fit.

Grandpa came in to kiss the bride and put her pearls on. (Not sure why, but in our family the grandfather (if he's alive) or an uncle puts the bride's pearls on her.) He observed the chaos and told us to move aside. And did in about 45 seconds what we failed to do for about an hour.

According to him, our step-grandmother (his wife, and cousin's blood grandmother) was a klutz with garter clips too. He also commented that it was like a snow storm down there. (all the lace layers of her dress/slip/under skirt thingie)

The garter that got thrown she put on for the reception. She also wore a long white hippie type dress for the reception because the lace monstrosity was such a pain to walk in.


--- Quote from: kajunchick on June 09, 2008, 10:38:37 AM ---Someone mentioned putting the garter on the girl who catches the bouquet. I've never heard of that tradition. Here (in south Louisiana), the bride sits on the best man's knee and the groom takes the garter off. The groom throws the garter, much like the bouquet toss. The guy who catches it puts it on his arm, around his bicep, and takes a picture with the groom.

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That's the norm in our circles too, although I've seen the putting the garter on the bridesmaid, around here its more common that the bridesmaid is owed a kiss or a drink from the grromsman who catches the garter.

"big foofy underskirt"...otherwise known as a "crinoline".  My DDs have passed around the same one for years (the first use was a prom, I think)...and have loaned it to friends.  The blasted thing just won't die. 


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