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--- Quote from: Tashigi on October 13, 2013, 12:41:32 AM ---
--- Quote from: mbbored on October 06, 2013, 11:08:17 AM ---I just went to a wedding where if the bride was wearing a garter, it was removed out of sight from the guests. When it came time for the garter toss, the groom picks up a football with the garter wrapped around it and a few lottery tickets stuck between the two. I've never seen men so enthusiastic to go after a garter?

--- End quote ---

If there were lotto tickets (or a gift card, perhaps?) slipped in the bride's bouquet, I would have been far more enthusiastic about being called up with all of the "single ladies" at my friend's wedding.

Slight tangent - does it strike anyone as ever so slightly... distasteful for the DJ to play the "Jaws" theme while the groom is retrieving the garter?

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They also stuck lotto tickets in the bouquet. And they invited all women for the bouquet toss and all men for the garter, not just the singles, because they wanted to pass on the "happiness of the day" not "next to get married."


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