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This is very important to my question.....I'M NOT A MORNING PERSON! :D  I don't want to be a morning person.  I will never be a morning person.  Given the choice between sleeping 5 more minutes and getting up to do something, I'm going to choose the sleep.  It's a part of me.  Now, nighttime?  I'm awake.  Two in the morning?  I'm finally getting down to bed.

Ok, now my question....I need breakfast.  I'm not going to cook it in the mornings.  And, I wouldn't want to anyway - I'd worry all day if I'd turned the stove off or the oven off or whatever.

But, I'm beginning to find that I need something in the morning that's healthy and nutritious.  AND EASY!

What are some good ideas for breakfasts that I can grab on the run, take to work and eat at my desk?  I've done the oatmeal - I'm getting tired of it.  Breakfast bars don't fill me up.  Cereal would be good, except I'd have to carry milk, and that'd be messy.

What are some ideas from the group?

Edited to add another VERY IMPORTANT fact.....I cannot eat bananas.  I used to be able to, but now I can't.  I get excruciating pain if I eat one.  So, recipes absolutely cannot contain bananas or traces of bananas.

Ok, NO ONE has any good ideas?! :D

Do you mind cooking the night before?

There are some fun breakfast muffins - with meats and cheeses that would work.

Or just roll leftover protein and veggies into a tortilla or tuck into a pita pocket to go.

We're very non-traditional here for breakfast.  Refried beans are a popular breakast food.

Harriet Jones:
Jimmy Dean has some frozen breakfast sandwiches that you could get, or make something similar at home.  They're breakfast bread (biscuit/croissant/bagel) + breakfast meat (bacon/sausage/ham) + egg + cheese.  Heat in the microwave

Do you have a good bagel place nearby?  Bagels keep well in the freezer, just pull one out the night before to thaw.  Put some cream cheese on it before you head out.  I love Panera's asiago cheese bagels.

Toast with peanut butter.
Cottage cheese with berries (I like blueberries or strawberries best)
Some stores have Breakfast Wraps or Breakfast Burritos that you just have to microwave

Do you have a fridge at work? Maybe you could keep a small carton of milk there for your breakfast.


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