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  • March 26, 2017, 08:24:59 AM

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Author Topic: Planning a trip to Scotland and possibly England  (Read 1378 times)

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Re: Planning a trip to Scotland and possibly England
« Reply #30 on: March 12, 2017, 11:34:37 PM »
We did a 3 week tour of Scotland a couple of years ago.

We booked through a company called Clans and Castles. They were fabulous to work with.

We gave them a list of things we wanted to see and a time/budget.
They took care of everything and made suggestions of things we might want to look at.
They specialize in historical tours and if have any Scots heritage they will point you to areas that might be of interest.
They put us in a guest house with ties to our history, which was really neat.

If not for them we would have missed Skara Brae, which was fascinating.
The company had everything done for us: lodgings, maps, tickets, ferry was all packaged up. But all it did was offer a framework: if we felt like skipping something, we could. We could stop and see what we wanted within the few fixed timings.

Two suggestions:

If you own a GPS, spring for the software package and take it with you. It made everything SO much easier. No fighting with maps, no worries about which exit on the round about....

Second, in Inverness, you may want to make time to visit the Highland Archives if you have any interest in genealogy.

Oh - if you are intrigued by rather cool Engineering, check out the Falkirk wheel, just north of Edinburgh. Amazing what 120 watts and some well executed centrifugal force can do...
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Re: Planning a trip to Scotland and possibly England
« Reply #31 on: March 13, 2017, 06:45:55 AM »
Dependig on what types of thing you want to see, consider whether you have (or might want to get!) membership of any of the organisations which offer reciprocal free entry to properties owned by the National Trust / National trust for Scotland .

Also check out their websitre, and that of 'Historic Scotland' for details of historic sites and buildings you may wish to visit.

If you plan on visiting a lot, it may be worth checking out membership, you don't need to visit very many places for it to pay for itself!

(I know that the English equivalent, English Heritage, offers a reduced price, limited term membership for overseas visitors but I don't know whether the National Trust or Historic Scotland have anything similar)


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Re: Planning a trip to Scotland and possibly England
« Reply #32 on: March 14, 2017, 11:00:39 AM »
I can't add much to the fantastic advice you've already got, except to say that if you're going to Glenrothes, I highly recommend a trip to St Andrews, which is quite nearby - a wonderful medieval university town on the coast - architecture, history, beaches and golf too if you're interested.  I may be a little biased 'cos that's where I went to University, but it is beautiful! 


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Re: Planning a trip to Scotland and possibly England
« Reply #33 on: March 14, 2017, 11:49:44 AM »
Get the Lonely Planet Guide book. Read it through. Make three lists: One of things you absolutely need to see/do (including location and business hours). One of things you would like to see/do and one of things that you'll see/do if you happen to pass by there but you'll not go out of your way to get there. All those lists can also include hotels, restaurants or pubs.

Then start planning your itinerary.


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Re: Planning a trip to Scotland and possibly England
« Reply #34 on: March 14, 2017, 12:57:56 PM »
Just my own opinion - if you have the time and money for the ferry, go see the Orkneys. I was on a three-week guided trip, and when we started there were some complaints about "why do we spend 1 of 3 weeks in these little islands?" On the ferry to the mainland, the main complaint was "Can't we turn back and spend the rest of our trip in the Orkneys?"
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