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Author Topic: How to get support for a Community Project (or how to get people to vote)?  (Read 65 times)

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Our local council has asked for submissions for projects that have a benefit to the community within our area, and are offering the opportunity to secure some funding of up to $10,000 from a pool of $50,000.  To secure funding, the projects with the most votes win.  My neighbours and I are looking for some funding to turn our neglected park into a nice, safe and useable space for people to use. **   Most of the submissions put forward for voting have been organised by schools, large groups or businesses who have a big supporter base.  We are just a bunch of people who want to something for the whole community.

So, any ideas on how we can raise awareness of our submission so people will vote for it?  Voting is free, online and open to everyone, not just in our local area.  Below is the link to all the submissions and voting, with our project called "Macrae Macleod Community Green Space".  Any ideas would be great and if you have a moment, maybe your vote?

** Our neighbour of 10 years has despaired about the neglected condition of the park.  She was a wonderful 92 year year old lady who petitioned the council for years to have some benches installed in the park so people could sit, chat, read, eat their lunch outdoors.  She recently passed away suddenly.  She and I spoke for the last time 2 days before her passing while standing looking at the park with her wishing for it to be safe for young children and families to be able to enjoy the space and for more plants for the birds that live there.  We had thought of installing a memorial plaque on one of the benches, but want to aim to complete her vision; that would be the best memorial to a wonderful lady.
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A nice project and wishing you all the best.

If you can get a website set up where people can read about the project and download posters for windows or web banners it lets you gather supporters in one place which can make it easier to co-ordinate events and votes. Twitter is also a useful way to get the word out.

With the bird issue, are there any national bird watching groups with a local presence? If they will help get the word out they tend to have a lot of reach. If you can get the local press involved that brings a lot of coverage, and some papers will run pre-written releases as stories.