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Re: Superstitions
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My sister and I used to hold our breath when we passed by a cemetery. We didn't want to inhale ghosts.

I'm now a taphophile.

I notice a lot of women are extremely reluctant to put their purse on the floor because of a superstition that the money will run out.
I don't do put my purse on the floor in a restaurant because I'm afraid that a cockroach will run IN!
I've never knitted anything I could recognize when it was finished.  Actually, I've never finished anything, much to my family's relief.


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Re: Superstitions
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There's also the superstition that, if a horseshoe is hung over a door it must be placed to resemble a 'U' with the open ends pointed up. If the horseshoe is hung the other way, luck will drain from the building.