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What's for Dinner?

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the crab chowder disappeared out of my fridge.  I took pictures of SUPERMOON and then came home to wine and pizza

Tonight will be roast pork loin with root vegetables, mashed potatoes, and a fruit cobbler for dessert.

Valentines Mommy:
Smoked pork tenderloin sliders. So good!

Stuffed shells.  Comfort food!  But I tried to be a little healthy.  Half the cheese, doubled up on the spinach, and added grated carrot.  Delicious.

It's been 100+ around here for a week, so I've been avoiding the kitchen and sticking to cold salads and leftovers. Supposedly the heat breaks tomorrow but today I couldn't take it anymore, so I heated up the kitchen for cornbread, baked squash, limas in chutney and blackberry cobbler.


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