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No, it's not a misspelled word or a typo.

I'm having some friends in for a Diner Party on Saturday night.  Sliders, home-made potato chips, slaw, fresh lemonade, etc.

The menu is ready, but what can I do to decorate the table and set a fun atmosphere?

I thought I'd try to find some of those plastic baskets for the chips...but beyond that, I'm at a total loss!  I guess any 50's/car-hop/TV dinner/sock-up ideas would work, too.

I don't have time to tile my dining room floor in aqua and white, but short of that, I'm willing to invest some time and a few dollars.  Any ideas????

How about red-and-white checked tablecloths and laminated menus?

LOVE IT.  Keep 'em coming.

:::goes off to make a menu:::

Little white vases with a silk flower in it.  Make sure to get it dusty first ;)

Find something that looks like one of those old tableside jukeboxes...

Pink carnations in a real glass Coke bottle...

Do you have a hot-glue gun?  Make some quickie placemats with felt poodles glued to them (think poodle skirts).

Do you have an old vinyl record too scratched to play?  Use it under your flowers.  Or go to the Goodwill, buy several (for 25 cents each usually) and use them as placemats.

And of course you could wear an angora sweater, poodle skirt or pedal pushers, saddle shoes and a scarf tied in your ponytail or around your neck...  ;)


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