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Re: Learning to cook tips
« Reply #105 on: October 08, 2014, 10:11:44 AM »
The Sweetie and I do what we call "field rations" - things that we can mix and match.

The last few weeks, every Sunday we:
-- buy a rotisserie chicken and "field strip" the meat (the carcass goes in the freezer to make stock later)
-- broil bratwursts
-- steam a bunch of broccoli florets, carrot strips, and snow peas
-- cut up celery
-- buy hummus, cheese, olives, pickled garlic, and dried cranberries

The rest of the week, we take these for lunch, or make a mixed plate for dinner. Last night my dinner was leftover bean soup with some cut-up bratwurst, and veggies and hummus on the side. Dessert was slices of cheddar cheese and cranberries.

Sometimes for breakfast, I have "brat on a stick" - I'll eat a brat as-is, using a fork to hold it like a corndog.

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Re: Learning to cook tips
« Reply #106 on: October 08, 2014, 11:10:57 AM »
I have found Pinterest to be very helpful to find new ways to make the same ole chicken, pork chop. I have put in what i had on hand - smoke sausage and broccoli - and multiple pins(recipes) come up. i look at the pictures and see one that looks good - read the recipe and see if i want to try it. If it is too complicated or takes to long for the time i have but still looks good, i'll pin it for a later date and move on the next good looking dish and repeat until i find one that works for me. I now have a fantastic chicken enchilada dish that i found this way.