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For Our Newbies - HOT TOPICS that you need to be aware of

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Best/Worst/Favorite Song/TVShow/Movie/Book and/or any variation or combination thereof.
Always fun threads, but check first as most have been started already.  8)

The Search feature searches the category that you are in. If you want to search the entire forum, you need to be on the main page.

Also, any thread you reply to is going to pop up in your Show New Replies queue into infinity and beyond. There is - so far - no known way to stop this. (Something to think about before replying to a years old ongoing debate or a hot topic.)

Not sure if I qualify as an 'old timer' yet  ;D but threads about smoking always get quite heated and end up going round in circles.

Also- knitting? Seriously?

Don't forget serving an alcoholic beverage to a pregnant woman.

Smoking while pregnant.

Seat belts, although this doesn't relate to pregnancy, necessarily, though I'm sure someone could object because, after all, some doctor somewhere probably said a seat belt could hurt the fetus. How I don't know, but that doesn't matter.

Children on planes. Children on trains. Children at weddings. Should children stand so an adult can sit?

These are but a few of the topics that make me want to weep into my coffee cup because I know trouble lies ahead.

Cash bars.

Courtesy "stork spots" in parking lots for pregnant women.


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