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This worked out great for me this weekend.


Family party this weekend to celebrate Neice and nephews College graduation and confirmation ( respectively ).

I knew that MIL and SIL ( not Nephew and Nieces Mom ) would be on a tear. They had been at lake house by themselves. It is VERY early in the season and not all of the infrastructre is up and running and fully checked out. They knew this - but they still wanted to go. Something happened with water system ( it's mechanical -  I couldn't begin to describe  :P ) and they were not able to run H20 after about 7:00 that night.

This happens to all of us on occasion - you go to the well and fill a few buckets for flushing ( We only drink bottled H2O ) and life goes on.  One of the manly men (  ;) ) will fix it the next day when it is light out.

Well - apparently it became DH's fault and some not nice things were said by her and SIL on the phone.

At the family gathering MIL JUST WOULDN'T LET IT DROP. I tried to avoid her..... but when I couldn't I bean dipped and bean dipped and bean dipped.  When she still kept harping on it - I just picked up my plate / cup / whatever and left the room.

Unfortunately - everything I bean dipped - just tured the snideness to me. However - I thought what would my Ehellions do ? I just smiled and nodded and zoned away.

Thanks again - you definitely help me interact better with difficult people.


Good going.  Ugh, love it when they can't let something drop.


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