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Bad dinner party dishes

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This thread is on a slightly different topic from the "worst tasting dinner party food" thread.

Are there foods or drinks that regardless of how they are prepared or served simply don't belong on a dinner party menu at any time whatsoever?  If so, what do you think they would be?

Chocolate Cake:
I think anything that requires being served at a particular temperature so that it doesn't "go bad" -- deviled eggs, for example.  I love deviled eggs but not after they've sat out on a dinner table for 30 minutes.   Unless I see the host just then take the eggs out of the fridge, I'm not having one.

Along similar lines, I'd be careful about souffles.  They taste wonderful, but they're so fragile that just about anything can make them fall.  Under the circumstances, I wouldn't serve them at a dinner party unless there's a way to make them fall-proof.

Spaghetti, by personal experience.

I've made lasagna for small parties, and not had a mess yet.


If the dinner party was large and everybody had to sit on the couch and balance their food on their lap, any food that had to be cut with a knife or messy foods such as spaghetti would be a bad idea.  The best bet would be finger foods in that case.  Some meats can have fat or gristle throughout it which is unpleasant and awkward if you need to spit the piece out in your napkin.

I don't think most other foods are 'bad' for dinner parties, but you should know your guests.  If you have a guest who is Jewish, any pork product as a main dish would be a bad choice for that person.

I don't have a problem with spicy foods, but guests should be informed of this before they eat it.  Very hot foods and other foods probably aren't the best for parties with a lot of children or where you don't know people's tastes.  The only way I'd serve something like that is if I knew the majority of people would like it.


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