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I was actually going to just post and ask if there was any way we could get a one sentence reason why a topic was locked as the last post before locking it. It is helpful for those newer, even if we are not an original poster, to see why someone's topic was locked. Sometimes it is obvious (if it is long and heated) and sometimes there's a closing post explaining - but a few the last week or so are just locked with no explanation. If everyone sees why it might help to prevent the same thing in the future?

Sometimes things that are obvious to one person aren't to another.

Just a suggestion. Thanks.

I've actually been noticing quite a few locked threads recently and I can't figure out why.  They seemed to be okay, would maybe even be a few pages, and then they got locked.  I would love to know why too just so I don't do the same mistake that caused those locks.

I agree. A simple "Locked because this thread is inappropriate for this board" or whatever would help keep me from making the same mistake. I always worry when I see a thread I posted in locked and can't tell why.

just wondering this again....

There have actually been several threads to this effect recently.

As for the reason, I suspect most of the threads are locked because they discussed politics (I've seen a few of those) or were not etiquette related.


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