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Is it OK to serve two versions of the same dish?

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I like food with flavour and I also like spicy food.  DH and I know a couple who seems to avoid flavour at all costs.  WE want to have them over for supper and not just order the pizza from the same crappy place. 

So this brings me to my questions.  In my family there are often two versions of something served.  A normal version for the adults and a less spicy one (or in some other way different) one for the kids.  Like if I had my sister and her kids over for supper and I made shake n bake - it would be perfectly normal for me to make one with a bunch of spices added to the mix and some pieces of normal.

It is OK to do this with friends?  I know it's OK to serve meat in varying levels of doneness - because not everyone lives their steak at most rare.  But is it OK to put down two dishes of chilli and have one be spicy and not be. 

I don't want to insult them.  I just have no idea what I would cook which would let me have fun cooking (the whole point in my mind) and produce something they will be happy eating. 

I don't think you'd be doing anything wrong.  I know lots of people who do things like that.  For instance:  I have a friend who, when inviting people over for spaghetti always makes sauce with meat and sauce without meat.  I think it's nice of you to take your friend's tastes into consideration.

I think two dishes would be great, and I'll admit that I've done it myself.  My husband and brother must believe in Killer Tomatoes because they will *not* eat a whole or partial tomato.  Tomato sauce is okay as long as there are no chunks of tomato to be seen.  I routinely make two different versions of meals for DH and me.  It's no extra work...I just take his part out before the dish is done.   ;) 

Plus, having a spicier version of your dish allows your guests to be a little more adventurous, if they choose.  They might eventually find something new that they like.  We've found this to be true with another couple with whom we rotate dinners. 

I hope this makes sense...I am suffering from major cold medicine hangover today.

Nothing wrong with that at all, especially if it's obvious which is the three-alarm chili, which the 5-alarm chili and which my Mom would consider fine (tomato sauce that's had "chili pepper" said over the pot).

I greatly prefer spinach lasagna to that with meat, but will generally make one of each to keep happy those who are freaked out by green stuff in their pasta.

Variety is wonderful when you're in a position to provide it.

It is definately okay to do this, especially with friends.  My friends and I love cooking and eating together, so we try to go for everyone's tastes.  I'm usually the one who asks for non-spicy food, so I am very happy when my friends do go out of their way to make a small bit that is non-spicy.  So, try it, as they'll probably like it.


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