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College Graduation Party -- Music?

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I am graduating from college in May and my parents have decided to throw me a graduation party.  We will be inviting family, close friends, and a few of my friends from college.  This makes a group age range of 89 to 18 months!  My S.O. has offered to contribute by hiring a DJ.  I am torn because while I am sure the younger crowd would appreciate it, I am not sure about the "older relatives" (about 15 out of 50 guests).  Any thoughts or suggestions?  How would you feel if you went to a party like this with a DJ?  If you approve, does anyone have any song list ideas?  Thanks in advance!  :)

Let your DJ know what type of party and guest list have and what you are trying to accomplish and let him/her make some suggestions.

Do you want people to get up and dance or are you just trying to set a mood?
Is it a dinner with dancing afterward or a party with people coming and going throughout?
Will there be speeches, toasts, etc.?
Afternoon, evening, or late into the night?
Is yours a "party" crowd? (Don't go strictly by age - my 75+ yo mother has been one of the last to leave on more than one occasion.)
What kind of music do you and your friend listen to/dance to?

Be sure to include some of your all time all time faves (the highlight of my cousin's graduation was listening to a few of the songs/artists she thought was "sooo coool" as a youngster) and most important:

Don't overthink this - relax and have a great time!  8)

CONGRATULATIONS!! You are graduating COLLEGE!!

I would suggest taking a sample survey of the guest list by age group and planning the playlist that way.  That means you'll get a little Sinatra, Elvis, Beatles, Blondie, Coldplay, and others.

And if there's going to be dancing, you have to have some Tito Puente, Oscar de Leon, and Victor Manuelle...   8)

In the party industry it's advised to have 80% of your music about 20 years old, then 10% modern, 10% "oldies".  This tried & true system keeps most people happy, as just abotu everyone will recognise the songs played (even if an 80 year old doesn't listen to rock or dance music, chances are they have heard the popular songs from the late 80's early 90's plenty of times & would recognise them as familiar).

A great alternative to a DJ would be to get a good speaker system and use an iPod.  You can create a few playlists and just play them on shuffle.  This way you can be sure to have for example Grandpa's favorite swing band, dad's classic rock and your contemporary stuff.


Be sure to play "Another Brick in the Wall", and "School's Out", though.

There's nothing like a dance floor full of tipsy PhDs singing "We don't need no education."


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