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cupcakes in ice cream cones

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Help?  We're having a bake sale, and I remembered how much little kids love to eat cupcakes when they're made in those standable ice cream cones.  But apparently no one around here ever did that (is that a New York thing only?)

I seem to remember there's something you need to do to the cone or put at the bottom of it in order to make it work out well. Would anyone here have any tips about making them in order to prevent disaster and add a lot of fun to the bake sale? 

(I know the other moms will kill me for selling room-temperature ice cream cones and "making" their kids beg for them, but you know, we need the money, so I'm willing to take that risk.)

Harriet Jones:
The only thing I've heard is to use a muffin pan to help keep them upright.   


This is what I found.  I hope that it helps. 


I was wondering how you keep them upright. I figured I'd get them in the oven and they'd all topple and I'd have some soupy mess in the pan.  ::) that's the way I normally operate.

According to the link, you just stick them in cones and bake away. Nothing weird about it.

This is going to be cool. You can only sell a cupcake for about fifteen cents at a bake sale, but I'm betting these will go for fifty cents each because the kids will pester their parents. *evil*

Too fun!! For Niece3's 8th birthday party, we made these, frosted them with plain white icing and let the kids decorate their own from a selection of sprinkles, candies, icing-in-squeeze-tubes.

It was a hit - don't know if that would work for your fundraiser or not.


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