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A reminder of why I stop at the same gas station.


I was in a less-than-pleasant mood driving home yesterday.  I pulled off the expressway to fill up my tank. I use "pay at the pump" because it's easy and I don't feel lke being friendly.

After I pump my gas and hit the button for the recipt, the macine says I must go inside to get it.  I grumble to myself and get ready to face the rain between the awning I'm under and the inside as I screw back on the gas-cap.

I got no farther than the back of my car before the cashiere met me with my recipt, an apology and let me know the machine was being funny, so she was running them out to customers so they wouldn't have to come in and get them.

I forget there is a REASON that there is only one (of the 50 or so gas stations I pass on my route home) that I stop at  :)
They have amazing customer service for a gasstation. 

Cupcake Fiend:
Good for her, and good for you for recognizing and rewarding good service with loyalty :)

Clara Bow:
Wowee, I am moving to your town. Ever since the full service place here in town shut down (owner was a pot/meth head/dealer, but he was so nice!) I've despaired of ever finding another good gas station.
I hope Mr.Bobby gets out of jail soon..... :-\


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