Author Topic: Gross out-- Not for the faint of heart  (Read 729088 times)

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Re: Gross out-- Not for the faint of heart
« Reply #5445 on: August 28, 2014, 10:41:45 AM »
I've also seen old fashioned carbolated (spelling?) (brown) Vaseline petroleum jelly suggested for foot problems...

I have never had to try any of them as my issues are more along the lines of dry cracking heels...although the petroleum jelly & clean white cotton socks at night might be what I have to start doing to get the skin to stop being so dry.

Do you wear sandals a lot?  That could be contributing to the dry skin.

In Houston, in the summer, I live in sandals.  Note to self - buy more plain white cotton socks to sleep in.

I wear sandals almost 365 days a year, I'm not knocking it by any means :). It is, however, probably one of the main contributors to your dry feet.
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Re: Gross out-- Not for the faint of heart
« Reply #5446 on: August 28, 2014, 10:59:22 AM »
I don't know why - but unless my plain white cotton socks have pink stripes on the toe - the jogger in the house keeps "borrowing" them to wear because he can't find his (he doesn't stick them in the laundry basket most of the time - so it's hard to tell when I need to wash a white cotton load).

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Re: Gross out-- Not for the faint of heart
« Reply #5447 on: August 28, 2014, 03:11:39 PM »
When I was married, I had to buy the "No Nons3nse" brand to keep EXDH from taking my socks.  ;D

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Re: Gross out-- Not for the faint of heart
« Reply #5448 on: Yesterday at 08:12:15 PM »
I have a ganglion cyst in my toe joint. It pushes the gelatinous mucus out of the joint and creates a bubble on top of my toe.
It has been biopsied and twice they have tried to remove it. Its been causing me irritation and pain for three years now.

I have been booked for surgery # 3 where they are going into the joint and remove all the excess tissue. We hope.

So today I was looking online to see what the procedure entails. While I was watching a video of them aspirating a cyst on someone's foot, my husband came over.

"Oh," he said with disappointment, "They didn't show the jelly." ;D

I looked at him in surprise. The I said "I've seen some pretty shocking blister and infection videos."

"Yeah. I like to watch them remove sebaceous cysts."

Married to this man for 26 years and I did not know he liked to watch gross videos!!!
And here I thought it was my dirty little secret!