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Title Juxtaposition

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I finally worked up the nerve to taste......

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Shouldn't that be the the other way around?

I finally worked up the nerve to taste...
The Gross Out Thread


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Well, that would work too, LOL.

I was thinking of it as, it's "The Gross Out Thread", and the first thing somebody says in it is "I finally worked up the nerve to taste...", and what they tasted might be very gross.

Funny either way, though!

Here's another one, this time from my "unread posts since last visit" folder.  Can you tell I love this thread?  :D

What little things drive you completely up the wall....?
Pens, Paper, Office Supplies

Julia Mercer:
OK, while not on this site, I found this one funny, it was a showdown between two country songs, and I thought of this thread when I saw which songs were up against each other!

Hank Williams Jr., 'I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink' 
Little Big Town, 'Sober'

I've Finally Worked Up the Nerve to Taste...
Halloween Goodies

Julia Mercer:


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