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I have a very dear friend whom I shall call Sally. Sally has always had issues, especially with men. She's the type of woman who thinks she's in love with a man 24 hours after their first date and will obsess over them. Then when they hit the road with their tails between their legs she sits there and cries about how much she loved them and that she doesn't know if she can go on. There is your background story on her.

My husband and I live in a good sized 2 bedroom apartment in a nice building. We have a 15 month old little boy who is the light of our lives. Right around Christmas I started getting ill and in January ended up in the Emergency room at a local chop shop (REALLY bad hospital from what I experienced). I was run around for 2 weeks being told the pain and vomiting and other symptoms were all in my head. FINALLY they call in a surgeon who lets them know my gallbladder is not functioning and needed to come out. In the meantime I am on the "rabbit" diet. If a rabbit can eat then so can I.

My friend Sally im's me and tells me her boyfriend of 3 months dumped her. I mentioned she could come visit us for a few days, but that I would need some help and I told her what was going on. She had the same thing happen to her in highschool and had her gallbladder removed as well. She arrives and within 20 minutes she had logged me out of all my instant messenger programs and logged herself in, was on our phone to another state talking to her "new" boyfriend, and the tv was permanently tuned to MTV. Mind you we're in our mid to late 20's.

I start dinner and she never once offers to help. I'm also chasing my son around and waiting for my husband to come home from work. She has now camped herself on our couch and is asking for something to drink. I tell her what we have and where it's located. I wait 5 minutes, she doesn't come in for her drink. I peek around the corner into the living room and she's just sitting there watching TV. I ask her if she still wants a drink and she says "well yes...I'm just waiting for it." I could not believe this. I go get it for her.

We start talking about my upcoming surgery which was in 4 days. She just sits there and zones out. I'm in midsentence and she cuts me off to talk about the new guy in her life.

Now when my son turned 1 I invited her a MONTH in advance to his party. She said she was coming, then 3 days before the party told me she couldn't make it because she was invited to a wedding last minute for her brother's bestfriend. The issue I think was that she asked if her then boyfriend could come and I said no because I had never met him and didn't want a stranger in my home around my kid until I had met him. She opted for the wedding so she could bring him. That just gives you an idea of how she always puts herself first. I just sort of stared at her in disbelief as she proclaims her undying love for this new guy in her life. They had been dating for 3 days. Not to mention she cheated on her now ex with this new guy.

Here is where it gets good. She drank ALL our soda, ate 3 boxes of cereal (My son's cereal by the way), drank 1 gallon of milk and went through one bottle of ketchup in 2 DAYS!!!! She is also NOT a slender woman by any means. But she was wearing these belly shirts (it's winter here) and tight pants and bouncing around. She went to the local gas station and bought a 1 gallon thing of rocky road ice cream and ate it all in about 2 sittings. Then she kept saying how much weight she's lost in between spoonfuls.

The last straw came the night before she left. She was on the phone with her new bf (OUR phone) and I mentioned I don't like the long distance bills. She then GIVES him our phone number and tells him to call her back at our place around 10 pm. Remember, I have a small child who is in bed at that time and normally so are we. She hangs up and I asked her WHY she told him to call here at that time. She just shrugged. I got onto OUR computer for a second and noticed she had facebook up. On her page she had listed our home phone number and address where she could be reached for EVERYONE to see...At 1 am the phone rings. I jump out of bed and fly into the living room. She looks at me and says it's not for her. I check the caller ID, it's from Maryland. So I answer and it's the wrong number.

The next day I cook a nice dinner and she's on the phone with her ex. She called him from our phone long distance. My husband tells her she needs to get off the phone please because we're getting ready to have dinner. 45 minutes go by and she's STILL on the phone trying to get him to say "I love you"...remember she has a new boyfriend...this is her EX she's talking to!!! She then gives us a pity party about how he can't call long distance and her cellphone is dead....I was livid.

The next day I go to the doctor's and pretend to pick a nasty fight with my husband. I had to do SOMETHING to get her to leave since she wasn't getting the hint and I was trying to be nice. I storm out and when I come back she's gone. My husband was angry at me until I started laughing and told him what I was doing. He started cracking up and said how she hauled butt right out of there when I started to get angry and left.
So anyways. She came to help me out before my surgery and instead I ended up cooking all her meals, doing her laundry, cleaning up after her and buying more groceries than I normally do for the MONTH. And she never once lifted a finger to help me. Classy huh?

first I would have told her that if she wanted something to drink it was out here and get up and get it.   

Second I would change my phone number now - before you start getting all kinds of creepy calls from who knows where.

Oh and could you pretty please put some paragraph breaks in your story, it is hard to read this way. Thanks

Very Klassy, yes.  She sounds a lot "younger" than you are.  The love for every 3-day man, the facebook, the lack of respect that you're having a medical problem, have a child, etc.  

Or, you know, just plain rude forever and ever.  Ha.  

Hope you had less Sally and more support around after the surgery!  

lol She's actually OLDER than me by a whole year. She has NO job, I've thrown a few her way and yet she never seems to go for them. She lives with her parents as well. I'm 25 and she's 26. My husband and I got married when I was 22 and he was 19. We had our son a few months after our 1st wedding anniversary. Even I work part-time and I'm already pretty busy, but I hold down 2 part time jobs and my husband works 60 hour weeks at times. It annoys me when people mooch off the kindness of others.
Sorry about the paragraphs!!! I was annoyed when I wrote it and just sort forgot :(

And she is your "friend" because...... (Please select as many as apply)
A) She abuses your hospitality?
B) She ignores actual people she is physically visiting with in favor of new male friends online on on the phone?
C) She gives you great stories to post on ehell?
D) She makes everyone else in your life seem so much better in comparison?
E) She went to elementary school with you so of course you have to remain friends forever and ever?

I am really curious!
Joy in Virginia


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