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Amy Rose:
I tried making Falafel this weekend, and I got them to stay in the little balls until I put them in the oil. Then they melted. Are you supposed to coat the falafel balls in something? Like flour or breadcrumbs? How are you supposed to fry them? Deep fry or pan fry? The recipe I have doesn't specify.

You don't need to coat them, but I do handle mine *very carefully*. I use a metal ice cream scoop to put them in the oil, and some tongs to gently get them back out.

Are you making them from scratch? Because the other thing is how fine the chickpeas are blended/chopped up. They need to be very fine - my recipe says like ground almond, but I basically make them as fine as I can without them going to paste. They may also be too dry - again my recipe says to squeeze the juice from the onion to add late if needed, and I think I'll stop squeezing, because it's always needed to help it all stick together.

To fry them I about 3/4 fill a small frypan (a crepe pan I suspect, but I don't own a deep fryer, which is what I'm apparently meant to use) with oil, then put the balls in. They end up just over half covered. If the oil is too low I find that I end up with an uncooked line round the middle, which causes them to look funny in the moments before they break in half  :)

Amy Rose:
I was using store-bought hummus, which is pretty fine.

I had them completely covered in oil. Could that be why they melted?

Hummus? As in the consistency of dip? (possible confusing cultural difference rears its ugly head!)  Depending on what else was in them I would think they'd hold together. If you could ball them they probably weren't too wet...

If the oil is hot enough, so that the outside starts to cook pretty quickly them being covered shouldn't have been a problem.

What is in the recipe?

i don't know if this has anything to do with it but I bought a falafel mix and it says to make them into balls and then let them sit for an hour before cooking them.


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