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Which is the least of all evils?

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Please help.  We of Pseudo-Family are trying not to mess this up and make New Girlfriend uncomfortable, we just can't agree on how to do that.  :-\  The gift exchange is all group gifts, so everyone has only one gift to open, so it doesn't last very long, if that makes a difference.  Also, the $$$ adds up, and no-one seems to be comfortable with getting her a big group gift, in case of scenarios A and B.

I voted for inexpensive token gift. That way she has something to open, but shouldn't feel badly about not having brought a gift.  Although there is always the chance that she *will* bring a hostess gift, which would make things less awkward as well. 

I think it is always boorish to have any sort of gift event that leaves someone out -- no visiting girlfriend expects an Ipod -- but it is awkward to sit there like a toad -- so a book or some other token gift preferably one that seems to take her taste into account is the way to go IMHO -- it could even be a slightly gaggish gift if it is a fun toy or something

I voted "token, inexpensive gift".  I remember going to my best friend's extended family dinner and gift opening waaaaaay back when we were single.   I hadn't brought any gifts nor did I expect any.  I was just happy to be invited somewhere for the holidays.  I was surprised when best friend's grandmother handed me a gift.  I can still remember what it was even 25 years was just an inexpensive, plastic terrarium type thing but I was so touched by the thought of not being left out that the thoughtfulness has stayed with me much longer than the gift ever did. 

I vote for token inexpensive gift.  Perhaps some nice bubble bath or chocolates, check with her bf for diet restrictions, allergies or skin sensitivity first of course.


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