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Merchants of shame: Never eating here again.

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My neighbor came back empty-handed from a local take-out place.

She'd arrived a couple minutes before her order was ready.  An employee was talking to someone who was obviously a friend.  The friend mentioned a need to change her toddler's diaper, but instead of going to the ladies' room, plopped toddler on the counter and changed him.

The employee then slid Neighbor's order across the counter.  The items were in a bag, but she was still put off.  She said "no thanks," and employee asked why.  The explanation, "You just let your friend change her baby on the counter," left the employee confused.  "But I wiped it off." she said. 

It does make one wonder what happens when no one (and where no one) is watching.


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POD, and not just because of the generally sub-par food.  I'm a vegetarian (I eat no red meat, poultry or seafood, but I do eat eggs and dairy), and there was absolutely NOTHING on their lunch menu I could eat without making a special request--e.g. "please leave the chicken off the salad."  Yes, even their salads, every single one, had animal flesh on them, and there were no vegetarian entrees.   >:(  Granted, this Applebee's was in a part of my state where there's a lot of cattle ranching--but even in cattle country, I've been able to find at least one thing on the menu I can eat at various types of restaurants:  sandwich shops, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Thai.  That was the first and only time I'd gone to a restaurant with my mother and not been able to find ANYTHING vegetarian on the regular menu.

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Same thing here. I know I can't be the only vegetarian who's ever gone to Applebee's. I was really surprised that there wasn't a single salad, pasta dish, or something else vegetarian on the menu.

I love Applebee's. I know exactly what quality food I'm going to be getting, and it's going to be the same mediocre quality no matter where in the country I go. I'd never stopped to think about the lack of vegetarian options, because I've never been a vegetarian. I've got some friends who can't eat red meat, and my sister can't eat pork, but Applebee's is one of the few places my whole family can go to without having a major argument and we can all get what we want. And the Sproglet loves the food there too.

I stopped frequenting a local food place. When I started going there it was delicious, and the owner was very involved. As a matter of fact, she saw my sister through her divorce, into her pregnancy, and since then whenever I happen to stop in, she asks about her and the baby. But when you go on touting how all your food is handmade and carefully put together, but I can't order a salad without the olives because it comes that way, it kind of tells me all I need to know about just how "handmade" it is.

Don't get me wrong, the food is actually pretty good, but the problem is they're trying to charge based on the price that authentic handmade food would be. But they can't guarantee that the food won't have come in contact with something because it comes to them pre-seasoned and they heat it on the grill. Or just take it out of the fridge and garnish and plate it. Her desserts, though, ARE handmade, I've seen them mixing them up and working on them. It's just not worth it for me to fight traffic to get there for something I can find elsewhere and pay less for.


--- Quote from: Hmmmmm on January 23, 2013, 06:34:10 PM ---VorFemme, I'm very sorry for your sister, but happy you posted about this.  My sister has a bad reaction to all of them too.

I would have never thought a restaurant would use artificial sweeteners like that. Sure, add sugar to the flatbread crust and tomato sauce, but I wouldn't have thought they'd put in artificial sweeteners since so many people strongly dislike the flavor and they are more expensive. 

I bet RegionMom is correct about them using it in an effort to be able to reduce calories.

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Likewise, although I am sorry for your sister, I am glad to know this.  This explains the raging 2-day migraine I had after a meal at TGIFridays.

I suffer from extremely severe migraines that are preceded with a seizure-like aura (usually about 12-24hrs prior to the migraine).  The "aura" is, in every way, exactly like a temporal lobe or petit-mal seizure.  So much so, in fact, that I was misdiagnosed as having epilepsy for years prior to a neurologist making a link between my "seizures" and the migraines that followed.  I was taken off the absolutely ineffective anti-epileptic drugs and put on migraine meds, and things began to clear up.  It's taken equally long to sort out what my triggers are, but artificial sweeteners (especially aspartame) tops the list.

Like your sister, it never would have occurred to me to look for it in cheese bread or chicken.

They are also finding that using artificial sweeteners can set up some people to want MORE food, as their body tries to use the calories from the "sugar" that it tasted and finds out that there aren't any calories immediately available (protein & fat take longer to digest to turn into calories) - so the restaurant may be selling appetizers & dinner to people who now want dessert because they don't feel "full" yet....

More food on the order is more money for the restaurant - but they can claim that it has lower calories so they aren't making anyone overeat...or some such drivel.


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