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Merchants of shame: Never eating here again.

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Yes, I was wondering that myself!

Perhaps the OP went there because the location was convenient. As a single, I used to go to a pizza joint near my apartment most Friday nights because it was close, not because the pizza was fantastic (it was decent, but not great). I stopped going there only because it closed down (the owners allegedly left town one step ahead of the tax collector).

I can see frequenting a particular place because it's close, cheap, and/or not that bad.  But if they kept screwing up my orders - no, thanks!

I have to wonder if the clerks did it on purpose just to wind up the writer.  It's not right, but I can see where a bunch of bored teenagers might think it's "funny" to always screw up someone's order.

Sounds like about every one of the fast food joints in our area.  I realize that working at say, McDonald's isn't a great job and has to be frustrating, but it certainly isn't rocket science.   ::)

We've got exactly one fast food restaurant nearby that actually gets your order right.  The others are a combination of slow, inaccurate, and/or rude.

Kind of OT, but there's a McD's near us that BF loves to go to for hot fudge sundaes. The manager knows him and always dumps TONS of fudge on his sundae. He's taken to calling that manager "MY lady," as in "i wonder if MY lady is working tonight so we can get sundaes." I about passed out the first time I heard him refer to her as "MY lady"


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