Author Topic: How to get Human Resources to provide supplies? UPDATE #73  (Read 10503 times)

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Re: How to get Human Resources to provide supplies? UPDATE #73
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Our school district slashed the supply lists this year. Parents no longer are asked to provide tissues, hand sanitizer, dry erase markers, and other miscellaneous classroom supplies. Just the basics for their child.. notebooks, folder, pencils, crayons..

It's not coincidental that this follows a well publicized audit of our school district which revealed that the school system was not using money in the ways that it was supposed to.

I just hope they truly start supplying what the teachers need and the costs don't come out of the teachers' pocket.


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My boss tried to pull something like this one me, back before I grew a spine. We do a quarterly filing, and have to send a CD with data on it to certain recipients. I am in charge of coordinating the filing, including burning the CDs. I think there are 10 each time, so 40 a year. Plus, we sometimes have other random filings we need to burn CDs for. So to make it easier on me, I'd try  and order enough at a time, for the year.

I can't tell you how many times he questioned me on the need for so many, when we only used 10 per filing. it never got through his head that it was actually cheaper to order in bulk, and more efficient, rather than ordering 10 at a time.

We also have other filings which need to be copied, and placed in binders. I'd send it down to our mailroom, and let them make the call whether they could do it, or send it out. We have money in our budget for such things, but he'd always give me grief about having the copy place put the stuff in the binders, rather than me doing it.  And mind you, this was a once a year thing, and the cost was actually quite reasonable. But he acted, in both instances, like it was coming out of his pocket.

Now? I just do it, and don't tell him. I don't see any of the invoices, and neither does he, as its billed directly to our dept, and as I am the one who does our budget, its not an issue. I also, on the rare occasion he'll grumble about how much things cost, have started using the phrase "it's not an efficient use of my time" aka waste of my time, to do these things myself. And it shuts him right up!

I had a colleague who couldn't grasp the "buy in bulk" concept when it came to donuts.

He'd see me coming with a dozen donuts, and complain that there were only 10 people in the meeting. Why was I buying two extra? There was no need, it just made people fight over who got the two extra ones.

Then one day he was sent out for donuts, and came back astonished that 12 came cheaper than 10.
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Re: How to get Human Resources to provide supplies? UPDATE #73
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I would consider reporting them to the Health Dept. for not providing soap in the bathrooms.  This is contrary to public health requirements and standards that business are to maintain.  At least discuss it with them, this is not an acceptable situation and if it requires the Health Dept. to force their hands then so be it.

In the meantime use a bathroom that has soap even if that means going way out of your way to do so.  I would email my boss and let them know the location staff is having to travel to wash their hands, so they can't claim they weren't aware.  Whatever you do, do not buy your own supplies, this is not your responsibility and just rewards their cheapness.

Save every note, interaction and email you send for future reference, forward email to another mailbox so they can't disappear.  You may need this information in the future, hopefully you won't.  Eliminate every possibility that gives them "plausible deniability".

Every time you need a paperclip, pen, tape, printer paper or staple go to HR and request them.
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