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I have a co-worker named "Jo."  Jo likes to cook and bake on the weekends.  Her and her husband are empty nesters and avid gardeners.  Her lunches are always these wonderful leftovers from meals they have prepared.  She is a hit at the company potlucks  ;)

Kari is another co-worker.  She and I have kids at home, husband, animals, etc.  We bring in leftovers every once in a while, but mostly we bring in certain brand frozen dinners to eat at lunch.  It is both of our's favorite brand and cost efficent for both of us.

Monday there were 5 of us eating in the lunch room.  Kari and I had our usual frozen dinners and in walks Jo with the same box dinner for her lunch!  I say "That is a good one you selected."  She replies "Yeah, my weekend was so busy I have to eat this crap today.  Frozen meals are not good for you."


I turned to Debbie and said "Did you go to you cousin's wedding on Saturday?  How was it?"

When the lunch hour was over, I heard Kari say to Jo "They aren't crappy lunches.  They are convenient lunches."

Nicely bean-dipped!

Well, she is kinda right - frozen meals aren't all that good for you.  If you have thawed them out though, they're fine!  >:D

Has she never noticed you and Keri eat those dinners?  I have NEVER understood why co-workers feel it appropriate to make negative comments about what someone else is having for lunch.  Even if she was commenting on  her own, she must know that someone in your office eats frozen foods for lunch. 

No idea what brand or type of frozen food you mean, but I don't believe frozen dinners are inherently bad. Depends on the ingredients. I once read that frozen veggies might actually be BETTER for you as they were frozen when fresh, as opposed to "fresh" vegetables which are picked under-ripe, artificially ripened in the trucks, shipped hundreds or thousands of miles to your grocery store, and may in fact be weeks old before you eat them, in which time any nutrients in them have deteriorated.

But that's not the point though. It's rude to comment on other people's eating choices, and you did a good job of bean-dipping her.

Maybe she really had no idea?


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