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This actually happened 15 yrs ago when I was married to my first husband, but I've run into similar things since and I'm still not sure of how to be polite.

Anyway, my 1st DH (Tee) was a big man- 6'4" and 250 pounds. He ate like a horse, so I was used to that. I'm also big- 5'8" and heavy, and I like to eat. But a family of his friends took the cake (and a pie, and some cookies...)

The first time we ate with these friends, and their 17 yr old daughter, I was unprepared. The Husband was already over 500 lbs. and Daughter was close to that. Wife was in the 200's. Wife asked us if ordering pizza was ok, and what we wanted on ours. So far no prob. She went into another room and placed the order. Remember, there are 5 of us eating.

When the food arrived at first I thought some was for later. There were 3 extra large pizzas, one medium pizza, 2 steak hoagies, 4 loaves of garlic bread, and 5 2-liters of Coke. We sat down at the table and wife set up the food.

Husband and Daughter each took 1 extra lg pizza, 1 hoagie, 1 loaf of garlic bread, and 1 2-liter. Wife hands Tee and me 1 extra lg pizza, 1 loaf garlic bread, and 2 2 liters. She takes medium pizza, 1 loaf garlic bread and a 2-liter. Husband, Wife, and Daughter proceed to each take their entire pizza (which she has ordered uncut for this reason), fold it over and hold it in their hands like huge sandwiches and eat the entire things. Husband and Daughter follow with the hoagies and garlic bread while Wife eates her garlic bread. All three pour their entire 2 liters into bucket size steins and drink with straws.

Tee and I eat  our pizza in slices on the offered plates, each taking some of our bread loaf. We poured our drinks into the normal size glasses she got us. I had a horrible time even getting down the 2 slices and piece of bread I ate, because their eating habits actually made me ill.

They didn't have bad table manners (ok, folding a whole pizza is not good) in general; it was just the sheer amounts of food eaten made me ill. Going out to restaurants with them was the same- Dad and Daughter would order 2 entrees, 2 appatizers and 2 deserts each, and wash it down with whole pitchers of soda. I finally had to start "getting sick,"  or "having to work" when plans were made for dinners together, just so I wouldn't make them feel bad by accidentally letting my face show what I felt about their eating.

How do you handle it politely when someone gorges around you?

While I'd probably be ill over the thought of someone gorging themselves with food like that, I wouldn't say anything and I'd probably be trying very hard not to look disgusted and appalled.  I'd probably also try to suggest non-eating activities - going to a museum, for example. 

For what it's worth, my husband is 6'2" and has always been slender.  I couldn't bear to eat with him when we were in college - he could put away an entire pizza by himself, and still have room for garlic bread and dessert (he has since slowed down his habits).  Seeing someone - anyone - eat an excessive amount of food always makes me sick.

I really don't think it's fair for you to imply that it was their eating habits which made them so large, you never know, it could be glandular.

No, I am joking, and I too would make excuses not to eat with those people.  Actually just reading about it right now (on a full stomach) made me slightly queasy.  Besides the unhealthy aspects of this "diet" how in the world could they afford to eat that way?

irishone- The feeling I always got was that almost all of their money went to food. They lived in a house paid off by his parents when he was a kid, took no vacations except for camping because he could not fit on a regular toilet, and never obviously had "new" outfits (I always saw them all in the same few outfits). The one time Wife and I went grocery shopping together, I spent about $80 (in 1992) and she spent over $300. I remember going home and telling Tee about it, because that was my salary for a week!

I'm sorry but that story is absolutely disgusting, and I can see why you avoid eating with these people.

Just reading how much food they consumed in one sitting made me nauseous. 

Sure, I gorge sometimes too.  Especially when my girlfriends and I get together and go out to eat.  We all gorge though, and eat more than we normally would so that makes it OK because everybody is doing it and nobody is sickened by it.

Just out of embarassment you would think these people would try to tone it down a little bit when they're with people that eat normal portions. 

It's sad, really.  I can only imagine their medical bills when all the reckless eating finally catches up with them.


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