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I just let myself be walked all over.

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I usually only post small annoyances to me, but this one has left a bitter taste in my mouth.

I had invited our close circle of friends over for dinner this evening, this consists of  two single guys and one couple. Guy in couple is in NYC this weekend so just his girlfriend will be coming. While making arrangements yesterday, one of the single guys, JT, mentions that we should have drunken game night that night. Since neither of the single guys have apartments big enough, this will now also be our responsibility. Ok, fine extra work for me, but I know BF wants to hang out. We go to the store buy extra food so we can have some snacks on hand and a 12 pack. When we get back from the store JT (the originator of this) mentions that we should now have the evening at the other couples house because he's already there and everyone should go there.

No, we have extra food because you asked us to hold this so you are coming here. Fine, they all come here. Then I notice both single guys arrive without any beer. MMMM...that's strange they always come with beer. Susan, the girlfriend has a bottle of wine, which is very nice because she barely drinks.

So we start to run out of beer and I mention that we're going to have to do a beer run. Both single guys finally admit that they have no money but will go with whoever is going to carry it back. So wait a second, you wanted to have drunken game night, but wanted us pay for all the beer?

And I'm still cooking a full meal for the exact same group tonight, where of course we'll provide all the drinks because we're ACTUALLY hosting that!

And yes, we ended up paying for the beer, but Bf did make them carry it home.

One of the single guys never has money, the other usually will cover him and always brings hostess gifts and contributes to meals, so both of them completely flaking has never happened before. They both know this is uncool behavior, so maybe they were just in a bind. But then they shouldn't have invited themselves over.

Not cool, not cool at all.   I am so sorry, I do know how annoying that can be.    I was so afraid you were going to say they packed up your food and took it to that other couples' place. 

   No, thankfully, I'm the only one dumb enough to let that happen to me.

I think I would've went without more beer.  That's just beyond rude.  They dictated exactly what they wanted you to host and came completely unprepared.

Don't invite them again.

Or if you do, and they try to dictate the terms, tell them, "Sorry, but if you expect me to do the hosting, you need to take what I provide.  Otherwise, you need to be supplying the space and the provisions on your own dollars."

What exactly is "drunken game night"?


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