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I had a soiree last night, at which several people couldn't have dairy (a couple of vegans and one with severe milk allergies).  I attempted to make chocolate instant pudding with soy milk so that everyone could partake.  I learned, after mixing up two boxes and taking it out of the fridge an hour later, that soymilk in instant pudding doesn't congeal -- it looks exactly the same as it did when I put it in.

Well, the party is long since over and the non-dairy-s are gone.  Is there anything I can add to this to save my chocolate pudding for myself?

Okay, you've got me there, I have no idea. Have you thought about heating it and adding a thickening agent (such as corn starch)? Either that or pour it into a mini-pie shell and bake it. I'm really just guessing though. I'd be interested to hear what you actually do - please keep us posted.

I've had this happen because we didn't have regular milk in the house for a long time. (I deluded myself thinking that soy milk baked just as well LOL) I've never figured out what to do other than pouring it over ice cream. Sorry!


Not sure if this would work - but maybe mix in a package of unflavoured gelatin to make it set?

Buy a big tub of Kool whip. Slowly add pudding to whip, folding it in, not stirring it up. Stop when the texture is what you want. Chil and serve with cocoa sprinkled over top- instant choc mousse.


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