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So last night I made a new dessert for a freind of mine and DH's who was coming over.  I got to use the madolin that I got for Christmas.  Unfortunatly it has a pretty steep learning curve and so I sliced two little bits off my fingers.   Nothing really serious - but I learned that the guard should be used...  Anyway - I was kind of worried that our friend would see the two bandaids on my fingers and ask what happened...

It didn't happen - but I what would you say??  If seems like it might make the dessert a little less tasty if I told the truth (there was no contamination of the apples I swear). 

What would you all say?

Clara Bow:
Tell them that your natural grace and poise got the best of you in the kitchen and you cut yourself. No need to tell them the details.
I hack myself to pieces in the kitchen, you should see what I've done to my knuckles with the Microplaner. I never bleed into the food, and I assume other people take care also. I doubt your guests will look at the dinner funny.

I wouldn't be too upset if my host told me they'd cut themselves while preparing the food.  Well, I mean, I wouldn't be upset about the FOOD, I'd be upset that my friend had cut themselves!

Unless the dessert involved raspberry sauce.  Then I don't think I could stop myself from teasing them a little :D

No raspberries or cherries in the sauce?  Just mention that there was a learning curve on a new piece of equipment..........

I lost some skin on my knuckle earlier this weekend, learning how to use the spline roller to replace the aging and brittle screening in our window screens.  If they ever need a DNA sample because I have gone missing - there are blood & skin cells on at least three of the screens.........

Not to mention a few of the various kitchen implements..........

Given that I've done the same thing with a cheese grater, I'd just let it lie....  If they ask, then tell them, assuring all detached body parts went in the trash, not the food... :P 

Mandolins - fun, fun, fun things that are wicked sharp and deadly.


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