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Nope, I'm going to revise that Subject Line.....make that GOOD No Fat Products and Recipes.

I'm trying to eat less fat.  But, I'm not sure how to do that.  What are your favorite NO fat foods and recipes?

A lot of the products in the store labelled "Low Fat" are deceptive.  What ones have you found to be actually very low to no fat?

What recipes do you have in your arsenal that are TASTY but low to no fat?

Give me some ideas.

I will have to search my recipe box for recipes and get back to you.  As for products though:

-Yoplait low-fat yogurt is pretty tasty for breakfast and snacks.
-If you need a dessert, the Dreyer's slowed churned ice cream is awesome.  Skinny Cow ice-cream products are also pretty good.
-Hillshire Farm Deli Select lunch meats are 97% fat free and I love their ham.  Low-fat Oscar Mayer bologna and hot dogs are also good, but avoid the fat free ones and stick to all beef.
-Paul Newan Lighten Up! salad dressings are really tasty.
-Rosarita Refried Beans make a great side to many things are are usually at least 95% fat free.  We really like the refried black beans.
-I don't know if they still have it, but Parkay have a calcium enriched margarine out for awhile that contained less calories per serving.  Plus the calcium is a bonus.

The key to low fat products is making sure that they didn't replace the fat with something equally bad.  Especially sweet stuff.  They will pile in extra sugar pretty often to supplement the flavor. 


No Pudge Brownie mix. Use two tablespoons of the mix and one tablespoon of lite / low fat  yogurt and microwave for a minute (or two, I can't remember exactly...they have the directions on the package). Low fat, low cal, and very good.


I have a lasagne recipe that uses cottage cheese, eggs and mozzarella.  I find that using fat free egg sutstitutes and low fat or no fat cottage and mozzarella cheese makes no difference in the tast of the finished dish.  I also make the sauce with no meat (okay so I open a jar of sauce) and the dish doesn't need any.

Basically, make a white "sauce" with a 16 oz. container of cottage cheese and two eggs (or egg substitute) and add a 10 oz package frozen spinach thawed and squeezed dry.  Season with red pepper flakes, italian seasoning, S&P.

Layer no-boil lasagne noodles with a jar of low fat red sauce and the cottage cheese mixture, sprinkling low or no fat mozzarella between layers.  Bake at 350 about 45 minutes and let stand a while before serving.

(edited to add recipe notes)


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