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You don't HAVE to bring a dish.


If you have promised to contribute something to a party, in this case refreshments after a group meeting, and you can not attend because you have the stomach flu; please don't feel you HAVE to send your DH in with the dish you promised.

Really we don't mind and can do without it.

I certainly do not want to share the illness.

I have been quite ill all day with the same thing that 'Marg' had.  I didn't know A) she was sick or B) she had sent a dish of egg salad sandwiches until today when found out from someone else who also attended.

Touched-with-hands egg salad.   That's what everyone should prepare and inflict on unsuspecting friends.

We still mention the Christmas-that-wasn't.  We always had the whole family,  all the ILs and my folks, over for a big Christmas Eve gathering at our house.  My household was just fine, and so was everyone else, EXCEPT one SIL and her family, who didn't tell anyone until after dinner that they had all been "tending to" each other for two days because everyone was whoopsing and running to the bathroom.

Christmas Day was always spent with my parents, with the big turkey dinner and all the trimmings.  When all our household rose Christmas morning, we were all feeling a bit oopsy, and began taking turns utilizing the two bathrooms.   I called my Mom, who insisted that Daddy bring us some of the dinner---she sent immense trays, which remained in the refrigerator for several days because none of us could face that heavy food.

THEN, about three o'clock, Mom called and said that they were both laid low with the "virus" as we all called it as it went round the area on an almost-annual basis.

The memories of that Christmas are a blur of sickness, a too-hot house and a late-day valiant attempt to open presents---I had bought a long-desired bottle of Georgio for a house-guest cousin, and she confided in later years that she could never bring herself to go near it again.

People who have or have just had the stomach flu need to stay home, get well, and not send food to other gatherings.  

Why do people do this?  If she had just opted out due to illness, everyone would have forgotten about the dish.  By sending in tainted food, she has guaranteed that no one will forget said dish.  Definitely not for at least 48 hours...

I was exposed to hepatitis for this very reason.  And, I can guarantee that no one EVER ate this girl's food again.  Even years later.

Gyro Widget:
I can see why some people would feel guilty about canceling last minute when they were expected to bring a dish.  However if she felt that bad, it would have been a little nicer if she would have just sent the hubby to the local Superstore or Costco for a pre-made veggie tray or something. 


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