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Housewarming party question

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My boss is in the process of buying her first home.  One of her friends wants to throw her a housewarming party, and have her register at Target or someplace.  I have never heard of registering for housewarming parties, but I guess it makes sense.  My boss is 43, but, as I said, it is her first home, and she has lived a VERY minimalist lifestyle up until now (she has basically no kitchen in the place where she lives now).

Here is the weird part, though (at least to me): the friend wants to throw the housewarming party at HER house.  Now, I always thought that one of the main points of a housewarming party is to invite your friends into your new home for the first time.  There was some reasoning that the house wasn't actually going to be ready for her to move into for another month or so, but then why not just wait to have the party until it is ready?  And my boss made a good point as well:  how is she going to know what to ask for if she isn't even in her house yet and hasn't really thought about how she wants to set it up?  What if she asks for a microwave and then realizes there isn't room for one, or something like that?  (bad example, I know, but bear with me)

I think that my boss feels weird about turning down an offer for someone to throw a party for her, but she isn't quite sure how she feels about the whole thing.  She was even kind of freaked out about the idea of registering.  And I personally think throwing a housewarming party at someone else's house is kind of weird.  Any thoughts?

It appears to me that the friend just wants to have a party.  She needs to just do so and not use the housewarming as an excuse.  Also, I believe that they have discussed in the forum before that registering for housewarming is tacky.  I have NEVER heard of having a housewarming at a house other than the recently purchased one!  How odd!  ???

Your boss is right in my opinion. A housewarming party is to show off your new home. My family wants to throw us one at our new apartment and they even asked us to register...we don't really need anything seeing how we've been married for almost 3 years and have MORE than enough stuff.

Your boss could totally throw her well-meaning friend for a loop and instead of registering for gifts she could ask for people to make donations to a charity of her choice :) When I turned 14 instead of asking for gifts I told people they could donate money or items to the local humane society. It made my day.

Good luck!!!

Chocolate Cake:
By definition, a housewarming party is held at the house that needs "warmed" (i.e. good wishes and the presence of friends and family).    Holding it elsewhere would reflect badly on your boss as though she doesn't want people to step foot in her house.  At the very least, it would be very confusing to everyone.  Lastly, this kind of party is typically hosted by the homeowner, not by someone else.

Secondly, this registry business for every occasion has got to stop.  

If I were your boss, I would tell my friend that I want to host my party in my home and that it will be sometime in the future after I'm ready.    

A housewarming party is held at the house in question. Otherwise, it's not a housewarming.

I'd put the kibosh on the idea of registering, pronto.


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